Pick of the week. FASCINATING.  Whatever mistakes have been made along the path and however the movement has been stereotyped, THE ESSENTIAL PROJECT OF FEMINISM HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE PROJECT OF HUMAN FREEDOM.” 

Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com

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  • Home DVDs are on the way at last! We will be distributed by Music Box Films. DVDs will be released March 1, 2016. They'll include over an hour of special footage and extras and are available for pre-order here
  • Educational DVDs are now available from Cinema Guild
  • Video-on-demand distribution will begin in early 2016; details to come.
  • Screenings for theatrical, community and educational screenings can be coordinated- write to us via our "contact" page!
Home DVD/ iTunes 3/1/16!  www.bit.ly/ownSBWSA

Home DVD/ iTunes 3/1/16!  www.bit.ly/ownSBWSA

Moviegoers share their reviews of She's Beautiful at San Fran's Opera Plaza Cinema

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