Pick of the week. FASCINATING.  Whatever mistakes have been made along the path and however the movement has been stereotyped, THE ESSENTIAL PROJECT OF FEMINISM HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE PROJECT OF HUMAN FREEDOM.” 

Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com

Opening this week

3/3 LARKSPUR, CA: Lark Theater
3/4 STAMFORD CT: Avon Theatre  - ONE NIGHT ONLY  
Q&As W/ Marlene Sanders Director Mary Dore 
3/4 ALBANY, NY:  Spectrum 8 Theatre - ONE TIME ONLY
3/4-3/8 AUSTIN, TX: Violet Crown - SHOWS ADDED DUE TO DEMAND, 4 out of 5 sold out! Join our Facebook event!
From 3/6 AMHERST MAThe Amherst Cinema Opening night Q&As w/ Muriel Fox & Marilyn Webb. Join our Facebook event!
From 3/6 PHILADELPHIA, PA : Landmark Ritz at the Bourse - Q&As w/ director Mary Dore on Fri/Sat. Join our Facebook event!
From 3/6 LANCASTER, PA: Zoetropolis 
From 3/6 OLYMPIA, WA:  Capitol Theater (no show 3/7)
Join our Facebook event!
From 3/6 TACOMA, WA: Grand Cinema 
3/7 PROVINCETOWN, MA: Water's Edge Cinema - ONE NIGHT ONLY
3/7 RHINEBECK, NY: Rhinebeck Theater - ONE NIGHT ONLY; Q&A w/ co-producer Nancy Kennedy & Sheila Isenberg.
3/8 IOWA CITY, IA Film Scene - ONE NIGHT ONLY  (International Women's Day) 
3/8 NEVADA CITY, CA: Nevada Theater - ONE NIGHT ONLY  (International Women's Day) 
3/8 DETROIT, MI: The Maple Theater Detroit ONE NIGHT ONLY (International Women's Day) ft. Q&A with director, Mary Dore. Join our  Facebook event!
3/8 - 3/9 NEWBURGH, NY: Downing Film Center - TWO NIGHTS ONLY
from 3/8 SEATTLE, WA: Northwest Film Forum - ONE NIGHT ONLY. Join the Facebook event!
3/8 WOODSTOCK, NY: Tinker Street Cinema - ONE NIGHT ONLY Q&A w/ Sheila Isenberg after the screening
3/10- 3/12 LANGLEY, WA: The Clyde Theater - THREE DAYS ONLY
3/12-3/15 & 3/21-22, HUDSON, NY: Time & Space LTD



Still Playing

BERKELEY, CA: Landmark Shattuck Cinema-EXTENDED TO 3/12!
MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Landmark Theatres- CLOSING 3/5!
SANTA ROSA, CASummerfield Cinemas - CLOSING 3/5!
SAN DIEGO, CA: Landmark Ken Cinema - CLOSING 3/5
OAKLAND, CA: New Parkway Theater- CLOSING 3/5!
BOSTON, MA: Coolidge Corner Cinema - EXTENDED TO 3/12!

Moviegoers share their reviews of She's Beautiful at San Fran's Opera Plaza Cinema

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