Alice Wolfson

“In Washington we were like, ‘have demonstration will travel.’ We demonstrated in the halls of Congress, we demonstrated outside of Congress. We said, ‘we are not asking men for our rights, we are taking them.’”

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Alice Wolfson is a veteran political activist and a pioneer in the women’s health movement. She belonged to DC Women’s Liberation, and was a member of “The Daughters of Lilith” collective. Hers was one of the leading voices protesting the lack of female participation in the 1969-70 “Nelson Pill hearings,” as well as the deliberate withholding of information regarding the pill’s dangerous side effects. The women’s actions during the Nelson Pill hearings and their demands for informed consent led to the first wide-scale patient package insert informing patients of potential dangers on a prescription medication. She is one of the founders of the National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) as well as the Committee to Defend Reproductive Rights. Today she is a lawyer fighting for the rights of disabled insureds against their insurance companies.