Bay Area Reception and other news

We are VERY excited to be opening in the Bay Area tomorrow, February 6th!  Mary,  Fran Beal and Ruth Rosen were on KALW Local Public Radio 91.7FM's "Your Call" hosted by  Rose Aguilar today.  So many great issues were discussed, ranging from reproductive rights, the struggle to raise the minimum wage, the absence of women in historical narratives, to how the FBI spied on women's liberation groups, the intersections of race and class in the women's liberation movement and much more. I highly recommend listening! 

For info on the screenings and special Q&As in the bay area check out our screenings page.

And check out some of the great reviews and press the film has received in the Bay Area:

“****”  - Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

“BRACING.  INFORMATIVE.” - Kelly Vance, East Bay Express

A BRILLIANT mosaic of interviews, archival footage, and a terrific sound score.  INCENDIARY and SEXUAL.” -  Lou Fancher, Contra Costa Times

FASCINATING.  Demonstrates that things are better than they were, but they still need to be better than they are.” – Sherilyn Connelly, SF Weekly

“BRACING.  INFORMATIVE.  A concise history of social change that serves both as a primer for younger audiences and as a congratulatory filmed scrapbook for the women (and their men friends) who lived through the "women's lib" days, beginning in the late 1960s.” – Kelly Vance, East Bay Express 

 “A brilliant mosaic of interviews, archival footage, scrupulously directed re-enactments and a terrific sound score. Incendiary and sexual, unafraid to address race and civil rights divisions that alternately splintered and sealed the intellectual, outspoken, angry and often hilariously revolutionary figures leading the charge, Dore's film is perhaps the best way to understand how great -- or how limited -- women's progress has been since 1971.” -- Lou Fancher, Vallejo Times Herald/Contra Costa Times

"Exhaustively researched, “She’s Beautiful” is a whirlwind tour through the movement’s marches, protests, poetry readings, consciousness-raising groups and the spirited discussions — that we’re still having — about work, child care, compensation and rape." - Jessica Zack, San Francisco Chronicle