Long-Overdue Update: Theatrical Run, International Film Festivals, DVDs, and More!

It's been a while since we updated you on the film's progress! Being busy is good, and being super-busy means that your film is a hit!  We are still opening in theaters this month, in Santa Cruz, Pittsburgh, and re-opening in Chicago, after a great run there in March! 

International Film Circuit and Wendy Lidell have done an amazing job, and the film has had theatrical runs in almost every state, and in many cities, sometimes running for weeks.  Check the Find a Screening page lists screenings to come and in the past.

As part of our campaign, we have worked locally with many wonderful organizations: Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women (NOW), the YWCA, Veteran Feminists of America, and groups focusing on LGBTQ rights, rape prevention, public policy, lawyers's associations, women and gender studies, African American studies, the ACLU, Code Pink, Emily's List, labor & employment groups, women in the arts, girls' empowerment, and that's just for starters.  All these partnerships have promoted great conversations, and even some on-the-spot activism.

One example:  The day after we opened in the Bay Area, the SF Chronicle published a letter to the editor, asking if students received free tickets to see the film Selma because of its historical importance, why wasn't the same thing happening for She's Beautiful When She's Angry?  That night at a Berkeley screening, an audience member brought up the letter, and then a woman in the audience jumped up and said, "We can do this! If everyone puts in $5 in the hat, we can give free tickets for low-income students to see the film." That night and the next we raised over $1300, and bought tickets for around two hundred students in Oakland, SF, and Berkeley.  

The theatrical will continue a little longer, but our concentration now is on getting the film into colleges and other forms of distribution. We have started education distribution with Cinema Guild, and SBWSA has been their top seller for the past three months! Order it here.

People frequently ask about Video on Demand and selling DVD's, which have been delayed because of the huge expense of clearing music rights for different markets...we're still working on those. 

We're starting on the educational materials, and setting up our website to provide research information. 

We're showing in film fests around the world --  lately in Turkey, Australia, Ireland, Seoul, Canada and Spain.  

We're breathless, but happy, many thanks to you all!!

Mary, Nancy and the She's Beautiful Team