Home DVD + streaming now available!

You can now watch She's Beautiful When She's Angry wherever you live.  We're available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and other streaming services via our distributor, Music Box Films. Purchase here: bit.ly/ownSBWSA.

Thanks to your support and our hard-working team, anyone with the funds to buy the film can have access to it. We're so glad it can reach more people. 

We're grateful for your enthusiasm during this journey. Please pass this news along to anyone you think might be interested!

Learn more at www.bit.ly/ownSBWSA or order on Amazon by clicking here!

Now Ended- Giveaway: Free tickets for NYC screening!

This giveaway is now over. Thank you!

As we prepare to release SBWSA on home DVD, we are planning a special giveaway thanks to Music Box Films, our distributor! The winner will get two tickets to a private, invite-only screening on March 8th, International Women's Day, in NYC! You'll also get a copy of the film. Entry is free; travel and lodging are not included. Enter below via email or Facebook! Good luck!  

Long-Overdue Update: Theatrical Run, International Film Festivals, DVDs, and More!

It's been a while since we updated you on the film's progress! Being busy is good, and being super-busy means that your film is a hit!  We are still opening in theaters this month, in Santa Cruz, Pittsburgh, and re-opening in Chicago, after a great run there in March! 

International Film Circuit and Wendy Lidell have done an amazing job, and the film has had theatrical runs in almost every state, and in many cities, sometimes running for weeks.  Check the Find a Screening page lists screenings to come and in the past.

As part of our campaign, we have worked locally with many wonderful organizations: Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women (NOW), the YWCA, Veteran Feminists of America, and groups focusing on LGBTQ rights, rape prevention, public policy, lawyers's associations, women and gender studies, African American studies, the ACLU, Code Pink, Emily's List, labor & employment groups, women in the arts, girls' empowerment, and that's just for starters.  All these partnerships have promoted great conversations, and even some on-the-spot activism.

One example:  The day after we opened in the Bay Area, the SF Chronicle published a letter to the editor, asking if students received free tickets to see the film Selma because of its historical importance, why wasn't the same thing happening for She's Beautiful When She's Angry?  That night at a Berkeley screening, an audience member brought up the letter, and then a woman in the audience jumped up and said, "We can do this! If everyone puts in $5 in the hat, we can give free tickets for low-income students to see the film." That night and the next we raised over $1300, and bought tickets for around two hundred students in Oakland, SF, and Berkeley.  

The theatrical will continue a little longer, but our concentration now is on getting the film into colleges and other forms of distribution. We have started education distribution with Cinema Guild, and SBWSA has been their top seller for the past three months! Order it here.

People frequently ask about Video on Demand and selling DVD's, which have been delayed because of the huge expense of clearing music rights for different markets...we're still working on those. 

We're starting on the educational materials, and setting up our website to provide research information. 

We're showing in film fests around the world --  lately in Turkey, Australia, Ireland, Seoul, Canada and Spain.  

We're breathless, but happy, many thanks to you all!!

Mary, Nancy and the She's Beautiful Team

DC Opening and Latest Press

We couldn't have had a better time in Washington DC last weekend. We'd like to thank the many women, organisations and audience members who helped contribute to the lively and inspiring Q&A discussions. 

Thanks To:


Recent Press

“Sleek and lively.  Paints a vivid, entertaining, and … witty picture of feminism’s root and cultivation in the latter half of the 20th century.’
Michael Snyder, Marina Times

“***1/2.  STIRRING.  Celebrates feminist history with GUSTO.”
Anita Katz, SF Examiner

“*****    Provides the kind of eye-opening anthropological evidence that shows how much has changed.  Performs a critical service by recalling these women and the risks they took: the film should be required viewing for every young female whippersnapper who takes women’s rights for granted.”
Rick Marianetti, Examiner.com

“A moving reminder of how crucial citizen action is in fomenting social change.”
Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

Bay Area Reception and other news

We are VERY excited to be opening in the Bay Area tomorrow, February 6th!  Mary,  Fran Beal and Ruth Rosen were on KALW Local Public Radio 91.7FM's "Your Call" hosted by  Rose Aguilar today.  So many great issues were discussed, ranging from reproductive rights, the struggle to raise the minimum wage, the absence of women in historical narratives, to how the FBI spied on women's liberation groups, the intersections of race and class in the women's liberation movement and much more. I highly recommend listening! 

For info on the screenings and special Q&As in the bay area check out our screenings page.

And check out some of the great reviews and press the film has received in the Bay Area:

“****”  - Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

“BRACING.  INFORMATIVE.” - Kelly Vance, East Bay Express

A BRILLIANT mosaic of interviews, archival footage, and a terrific sound score.  INCENDIARY and SEXUAL.” -  Lou Fancher, Contra Costa Times

FASCINATING.  Demonstrates that things are better than they were, but they still need to be better than they are.” – Sherilyn Connelly, SF Weekly

“BRACING.  INFORMATIVE.  A concise history of social change that serves both as a primer for younger audiences and as a congratulatory filmed scrapbook for the women (and their men friends) who lived through the "women's lib" days, beginning in the late 1960s.” – Kelly Vance, East Bay Express 

 “A brilliant mosaic of interviews, archival footage, scrupulously directed re-enactments and a terrific sound score. Incendiary and sexual, unafraid to address race and civil rights divisions that alternately splintered and sealed the intellectual, outspoken, angry and often hilariously revolutionary figures leading the charge, Dore's film is perhaps the best way to understand how great -- or how limited -- women's progress has been since 1971.” -- Lou Fancher, Vallejo Times Herald/Contra Costa Times

"Exhaustively researched, “She’s Beautiful” is a whirlwind tour through the movement’s marches, protests, poetry readings, consciousness-raising groups and the spirited discussions — that we’re still having — about work, child care, compensation and rape." - Jessica Zack, San Francisco Chronicle

She's Beautiful When She's Angry Makes its Theatrical Debut

Attention New Yorkers! Join us at one of our exciting screening events this weekend.  

Featuring Q&As with the filmmakers, some of the women featured in the film, Edie Windsor (defeater of DOMA), Veteran NOW members, Planned Parenthood, and more!

FRIDAY 12/5 7:15pm

Filmmakers Mary Dore and Nancy Kennedy joined by Film Subjects Muriel Fox, Linda Burnham, Marlene Sanders , Nona Willis Aronowitz, Carol Giardina, Alix Kates Shulman, Marilyn Webb and Ellen Shumsky.


SATURDAY 12/6 2:30pm

Q&A with filmmakers Mary Dore and Nancy Kennedy, moderated by Diane Max and Christine Canedo of Planned Parenthood of NYC.


 SATURDAY 12/6 5:00 pm 

Q&A with Mary Dore.


SATURDAY 12/6 7:15pm

Mary Dore & Edie Windsor, litigant in the recent Supreme Court suit that resulted in declaring DOMA unconstitutional.  Moderated by J. Bob Alotta, exec dir of Astraea Foundation.  


SUNDAY 12/7 2:30pm

NOW and NYCLU – Mary Dore, Past National NOW VP Lucy Komisar and Film Subject, Marlene Sanders.  Moderated by Katharine Bodde of NYCLU & Sonia Ossorio of NOW.


SUNDAY 12/7 5:00 pm

Q&A with Mary Dore.


SUNDAY 12/7 7:15pm 

Filmmakers Mary Dore and Nancy Kennedy with Mirra Bank of NY Women in Film & TV, Debbie Zimmerman from Women Make Movies, The Chicken & Egg Pictures Team, The Fork Films Team, Shellen Lubin & Avis Boone from Women in the Arts & Media Coalition and Exec Producers Elizabeth Driehaus and Pamela Tanner Boll

Doc NYC Film Festival lineup announced

Being based in Brooklyn, we are excited to finally be able to announce our New York premiere! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL WHEN SHE'S ANGRY will screen at the DOC NYC Film Festival on November 16 at the SVA Theatre!

Director/Producer Mary Dore & Producer Nancy Kennedy, with film subjects Marlene Sanders, Alix Kates Shulman, Karla Jay and Nona Willis Aronowitz will all be there after the screening to answer questions.

Join the FB event for updates: http://bit.ly/SBWSADocNYC

SUNDAY 11/16 2:15PM
SVA Theatre
333 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 924-7771
Film Info & Tickets ($17 general/$14 member/$15 Senior or Child):